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The Silver Coin Project is a non-profit organisation that helps provide basic school necessities for children in need in the Macarthur area, such as shoes, uniforms, meals, toiletries, life education classes, and much more - all of which we take for granted!

We spent many nights taking warm meals, blankets and books to the homeless people of Sydney, every time we went they seemed to be getting younger and younger. There was always one underlying reason why they were there and that was education, or lack of it. These people didn't have anyone to encourage them to go to school let alone strive to make something of themselves. We soon found out that so many children in Australia are still struggling to get their basic needs to achieve a successful learning experience. Kids just like ours and yours are wearing the wrong size shoes, ill-fitting uniforms,  they are missing out on "life education lessons" due to the cost, some have no access to toiletries and clean underwear and some are regularly being sent to school with no food. This can cause the child to feel left out and become susceptible to being bullied and also diminishes their concentration while in the classroom.
Many families can benefit from our service, such as kids being raised by their grandparents or other family members, Foster parents and families escaping domestic violence or we may even be able to help in the case of an emergency such as flooding or a house fire. Even Mums and Dads with a mortgage can struggle too.
We work side by side with the Principal and wellbeing teams from each school to ensure we are reaching the children that really need this type of help. We are currently partnered with 23 schools in the Macarthur area of NSW. We hope you can get on board, every little bit counts, whether it is a financial donation, a fund raiser or even just spreading the word. Lets change the lives of these kids!


The following are some of the main organisations and businesses that are supporting us.

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